Hunters Traveling to South Dakota

Pheasant Hunting - SD

Pheasant Hunting is the most popular form of hunting in the state.

Located in the center of the Midwest, South Dakota is easily accessible by both car and air. Traveling by car affords the opportunity to enjoy the expansive landscapes of the state, while traveling by air will get your hunting trip started even more quickly.

Checklist for Hunters:

  • If traveling with your firearms make sure you have all necessary documentation.
  • If you need an outfitter for ammunition or hunting gear there are plenty to choose from in the state. Cabellas in Mitchell and Rapid City are recommendations as they are right off Interstate 90.
  • Dress for the weather. If you are coming up from the Southern states be prepared for some cooler weather if traveling in the fall and winter so bring the appropriate apparel.
  • Stock up. If you are traveling to a hunting lodge make sure you get all your necessary gear and/or supplies prior to your arrival as most/if not all of the lodges are not located right next to your local shopping mall or BP Gas Station. Sidenote: Most hunting lodges do provide you stocked fridges and basic supplies so check with your lodge prior to arrival on what is (and isn’t) supplied.
  • Have fun. South Dakota is a great place to visit and hunt. The people are friendly and the hunting is excellent so make sure you enjoy yourself!

Travling By Car

South Dakota has two major interstates running through it, I-90 running east and west, and I-29 running north and south.  I-90 runs through the middle of the state, from Rapid City all the way to Sioux Falls, and I-29 is in the eastern part of the state, running from Vermillion at the southern border to Sisseton on the northern border.

Points along the two interstates are easy to reach, and driving is relatively easy in the central and eastern regions, unless there is snow and ice.  In the western region, driving can be more difficult, particularly during the winter, due to winding roads in the Black Hills.  Regardless of your hunting destination, it is wise to check road conditions before your trip.

Traveling By Air

There are plenty of options when arriving in South Dakota by air.  If you are planning to hunt in the western region of the state, you will want to arrive at the Rapid City Regional Airport.  For the central part of the state, the Pierre Regional Airport will be the most convenient.  If you are planning to hunt in the eastern part of the state, you can choose from the Sioux Falls Regional Airport in the south, and the Aberdeen Regional Airport in the north.  Omaha, Nebraska, is also convenient for hunting in the southeastern part of South Dakota, and often has cheaper flights.

If you are traveling by air with firearms and ammunition, there are special guidelines you should consider.  First, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has specific regulations on what you can carry, and how it must be packed.  Click here to read the regulations.

You should also check with the airline you are traveling with, as they each have their own regulations regarding firearms and ammunition. Many airlines charge for checked luggage by the piece, and you may want to compare prices for checking your guns and ammunition compared to shipping them to your destination, or renting once you arrive.



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Great Faces. Great Places.

South Dakota is an incredibly unique state in that each region offers a completely different experience then the others. Check out each of the regions to see what each has to offer!


Western South Dakota

Featuring the Black Hills, Badlands, the Sturgis Rally. This region tends to be the most popular.


This region of South Dakota offers some of the best hunting and fishing in the entire central US. 

Eastern Region

The eastern region is home to the largest city in the state and provides visitors with a true "prairie" experience.